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eBlogTV - One of the first Internet TV streaming initiatives in Spain

eBlogTV. Web development of live events -streaming- of own production and in “white label” format



eBlogTV was made on Windows Media Encoder during its first phase. And its portal in Joomla.

The novelty is that they were the first video broadcasts in multicast format. The maximum difficulty was the number of concurrent users that a server could support.

Thus, taking into account the costs, it was decided to create a balanced multicast system in server mirror mode, through NAT with static IP. Up to 640 concurrent users at that time, where fiber-optic cable connections did not exist and everything was per pair ADSL copper

Closed 2009

Professionally I learned a lot about networking layer, routing, and how important physical network infrastructures are. I cannot forget the tremendous support received from José Pereira, that without him everything would have been impossible.

Enrique Castro-web desarrollador

Henry Castro






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