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RBS FILE. From a blog on blogspot to a mashup with Cron and Feed aggregator to MySQL

Socialist Blogs Network was a technological challenge. Automatically group more than 500 logs. This network was the result of a personal initiative, which took the analogue environment off guard from the political option. It failed because the political leadership of the Spanish socialists at that time considered that promoting or directing this Network indirectly meant promoting its creator. Which, in the end, of course, never happened.




Hosting Type


Themes of own elaboration.

Hosted on Joomla with Planet XML (2nd phase)

Hosted with Virtuolosity (own elaboration) which is a CMS with rewritten code from Menéame.net and main function Planet XML, with Cron (every 12h) made MySQL.

Hosting Type

Dedicated Apache Server

RBS had 3 technological phases:

Beta Phase (2005): with a blog hosted on Google's blogging service “Blogspot”.

Phase 2 (2006): with a collective blog hosted on Joomla and with functions of forums, Streaming, Planet etc...

Phase 3 (2007) and last: a self-made mashup where an automatic aggregator of XML feed was combined with capture in MySQL DB, which allowed on the one hand to publish and secondly, to be able to vote on the article and third and very important, to carry out SEO actions.

It also had live and streaming internet TV and a specific aggregator for 14 logs.

Closed since 2011

Of all the things I did on the Net, RBS is the one that I liked the most, the one I enjoyed the most and also represented a before and after in political communication on the Internet in Spain. Although financially it was a ruin and provided me with some misunderstandings and dislikes.

Enrique Castro-web desarrollador

Henry Castro






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