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Our story

What can we say about ourselves? Well, we're not a big consultant looking over your shoulder. We're humble. We know very well what this is about. We have a lot of experience. We train every day. We are people who are passionate about our work and act with empathy. That's why at W/Pro we do more than web design in Santiago de Compostela and Galicia, where we listen first, propose later and execute later.

What makes us different?

Our experience. How many times have you been proposed a campaign, without committing to a specific ROI? Have you not been promised to be in the first Google results without achieving it? At W/Pro we draw up a results-based project implementation proposal for you. The results are measured according to different time parameters, presence, visits, and recall effect of your brand, product or service. The tools for measuring results are publicly accessible and certified. This is one of the most outstanding features that you can find about us. It's not about 15-day trial periods, monthly fees or anything like that. It is about executing a plan, evaluating it and modifying it on the fly if necessary. No big financial outlays.

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Diseño web Santiago de Compostela. Wordpress. Woocommerce. Prestashop. Joomla

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Some of our values

We are here to advise our clients and offer them the best possible solution at all times. Our experience means knowledge. We're not newcomers, but every day we learn something. That's something you can hear about us. There is a legend that money is made on the Net quickly. Legends were built in the past to create illusions. We like data and we don't sell smoke.If your company is not on the Net, now is a good time to take it up. When you do, don't expect short-term results, just expect results, solid, long-lasting and profitable. We are here to accompany you throughout the process.The Network is a fantastic virtual environment for ecommerce. You also have to be prepared for the paradigm shift of working on the Internet. Where for things to go well, you have to work hard. It's one of the things you can expect about us.

Web solutions

Tailored to your needs and adjusted to your budget, whether you are a small or medium-sized business.

You can check some of our solutions in the Calculator section. However, if you want personalized attention, do not hesitate to contact us

Online marketing

Your project is our project. We use tools to assess the ROI of your investment. The best thing you can say about us is that we are transparent. It's what we want and what we do best.

SEO positioning

We accompany you throughout the process. But we're not going to promise you what anyone can get. Be the first in all search results on the Net. What we do assure you is that your online presence will not go positively unnoticed.

CMS we use and install

Who is behind WebProductiva.es?

Enrique Castro-web desarrollador

Henry Castro

CEO and Developer





Born in Barcelona but residing in Santiago de Compostela since 1993, Enrique Castro has been an entrepreneur of different professional initiatives on the Internet. The first computer where he tricked was an IBM PC, with 1Mb memory. Later he worked in the tourism sector, creating the first websites of travel agencies.Creator of political content Blog Networks. In 2006 she founded eBlogTV, one of the first Internet TVs she aired in Spain. As a personal hobby she likes running, karate and cooking potato tortillas





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